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Our series of products are freezer truck body parts,container parts, van truck body parts, cargo control trackand bar, canvas truck parts ,lsuzu truck body rear door locking parts ,seals gasket, full/semi-trailer hinges and locks ,cold room parts ,stainless steel recessed lock, exhibition wing truckparts, mo bile room parts, U bolt adjustable ratchet buckle , euphroe , splash guard/ fender, mildsteel and stainless steel tool box, stainless steel parts, aluminium profile and so on.

Welcome to Guangzhou Caiyuan Hardware Co., Ltd.

your trusted supplier of high-quality truck body parts

We are an enterprise who has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing truck body parts and cargo control accessories. With experienced research team and production equipment, we have established an integrated manufacturing system with extrusion, brush, powder coating and mechanical polish.

We lead the market of hardware for trailer body parts, refrigeration box parts and cargo management, such as hinges, cam locks, cargo control tracks and cargo bars, Our thousands of items are listed in a 300 page catalogue with drawing and supply to over 150 countries. With our high quality and reasonable price, we are full of confidence to satisfy your requests.

Welcome to Guangzhou Caiyuan Hardware

Welcome to discuss OEM&ODM business with us.

I’m here to assist you.We would work closely with you to manufacture truck body parts according to your specifications and requirements.

Our Specialization
Our Specialization1

Our Specialization

We are open to discussing further details and specific requirements for OEM&ODM collaboration in the truck body part industry. Please provide more information about your project, and we can explore how we can best support your needs and achieve mutual success.

Tailored Solutions

We can provide customized truck body parts that meet your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit and compatibility with your truck models.

Quality Assurance

Our manufacturing processes and quality control systems ensure that the parts we produce meet international quality standards and undergo rigorous testing for reliability and durability.

Technical Expertise

Our experienced engineers and designers can offer technical support and guidance throughout the OEM&ODM process, from concept development to final production.

Cost Efficiency

By partnering with us for OEM&ODM, you can benefit from our economies of scale, efficient production processes, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

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