Obey the traffic rules, the truck transportation is safe and secure


Recently, the situation of Guangdong's strict inspection of 4.2 m blue card light trucks seems to be getting more and more severe. No, a large group of 4.2 meters lined up to weigh in in Conghua District, Guangzhou, and a car owner teased: 6 points and 2,000 yuan will be raised.


Judging from the feedback from the owner, his vehicle was guided to the weighing place by officers wearing yellow epaulettes in Conghua District, Guangzhou. During the weighing process, he found that there were many other 4 people like him. Mi 2 owners are waiting to weigh in.


After queuing up to weigh in, queuing up to pay the fine. According to the above-mentioned car owner: "There is no one who is not overweight, and an empty car is also overweight. If an empty car is overweight, the car will be detained."


It is reported that at present, the overloading of light trucks with blue cards in Guangzhou is basically the top penalty, that is, 6 points and 2,000 yuan. There is also a situation like the above-mentioned overweight if the car is empty. The car must be detained first. As for how to deal with it later, how much it will cost is not necessarily, but it will definitely not be less.


At present, the entire Guangdong Province is very strict with the 4.2-meter blue card. I hope that the majority of car owners will pay attention when traveling.

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