Ningxia sets up inter-provincial channel cargo connection and transportation service point


The transportation law enforcement officers are so considerate, asking us from time to time if we have enough food and drink. It was very touching to send a military coat at such a late hour. "On the night of November 28, 2022, when the cold wave hit and the temperature dropped sharply, Sun Zhenjun, a truck driver from Lianyungang, Jiangsu, received heart-warming supplies from the Ningxia transportation system in the Yanchi service area of Ningxia on the Qingyin Expressway.

Recently, Ningxia's transportation has effectively coordinated the work of epidemic prevention and control and logistics assurance, set up 29 connection points and vehicle parking areas, scientifically guided 157 companies and 192,000 freight vehicles to carry out point-to-point transportation, improved transportation efficiency, and effectively Guarantee economic and social operation.

We have established cargo connection service points at the exits of expressways and the entrances of provincial boundaries to ensure smooth traffic, and trucks can be loaded, unloaded, and moved quickly, opening up a green channel for road transportation. "Hui Zhiwen, director of the Wuzhong Branch of the Transportation Comprehensive Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, introduced that since September 20, law enforcement officers have escorted more than a thousand vehicles "point-to-point" every day to ensure that the vehicles are not stranded.

Driving away from the Qingtongxia West Toll Station on Wuma Expressway, on the open space not far away a few hundred meters away, dozens of trucks are neatly parked in the cargo transportation connection service point, and the staff from Qingtongxia Industrial Park are waiting to pick them up. car. "Our enterprise is involved in energy supply guarantee, and the transportation of raw materials and materials is in other provinces and regions. This constitutes the first line of security defense and facilitates enterprise management." Wang Jiaqi, an employee of Qingtongxia Aluminum Power Generation Co., Ltd., said that every day here receives six Seventy vans.

During the epidemic, all major enterprises in Qingtongxia City Industrial Park did not suspend work or production. Li Hua, director of the Qingtongxia City Transportation Bureau, said that in order to efficiently coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and ensure the smooth flow of logistics, they built a number of closed connection parking lots at the junction of Ningxia and Inner Mongolia. You can go directly to the connection point, and then the company staff will pick up the car at the connection point. People do not get off the car, the car and cargo are disinfected, and closed-loop management.

In winter, severe weather such as cold wave and heavy snow occurs frequently. In order to ensure safe and smooth roads, Ningxia Highway Management Center Guyuan Sub-center and other departments have combined the experience of anti-skid and smooth work in previous years to establish a joint logistics and information sharing mechanism with local traffic police, emergency management and comprehensive law enforcement departments to form emergency teams and dispatch machinery. Equipment, effectively improve emergency response capabilities, and make every effort to ensure the safety of the masses.

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