High way tolls to be reduced by 10% in the fourth quarterto be reduced


Since the beginning of this year, affected by the domestic and international economic environment and the epidemic, the performance of the freight industry has been sluggish. On September 21, the State Council executive meeting announced that transportation and logistics are the lifeblood of the market economy, and it is necessary to ensure smooth flow and strengthen support.

The first is to ensure the normal operation of ports and cargo terminals, as well as the smooth flow of main roads and microcirculation, so as to prevent "layers of overweight" and "one-size-fits-all".

Second, in the fourth quarter, toll road freight vehicle tolls will be reduced by 10%, targeted financial policy support will be given to toll road operators, and financing costs will be appropriately reduced.

Third, in the fourth quarter, the government-priced cargo port charges were reduced by 20%.

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